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Concrete Vibrators


: Vibration is a very effective tool to assist the consolidation and finishing of concrete. Internal (immersed) and external (attached to form) vibrators are two ways to transfer vibrational energy to the concrete. Both external and internal vibrators are featured below.

Internal vs External: In general, internal vibrators are used for cast-in-place pours, and external vibrators are used for precast operations. However, there are exceptions especially on cast-in-place pours where internal vibrators cannot be used such as tunnel pours or pours where reinforcing steel/mesh are too close together.

Frequency: High frequency (10,000 to 12,000 vpm), low amplitude vibration is more effective on higher "slump" (higher moisture) concrete while just the opposite (3,000 to 4,000 vpm) is true of very low slump and no slump concrete.

Internal Concrete Vibrators


  • Motor in the Head Vibrator   Improve concrete strength and surface finishes with the 600 Series internal concrete vibrators. The high performance immersion concrete vibrators are made of simple precision construction with minimal moving parts and no bearings to ensure dependable operation.  
600 Series

                               5.5" to 6.30" diameter heads                      1.38" to 4.13 " diameter heads

  • Flexible Shaft Air Vibrator  This air operated vibrator allows quick change of shaft and head when form shape or rebar configuration changes. No need to purchase a complete vibrator for each different head size. One size air motor operates 7/8" to 2 1/2" diameter heads. A head selection lever on the motor ensures the vibrator runs at 12,000 vpm regardless of the head diameter.
  • Note: Smaller 600 Series vibrators occasionally require tapping the end of the vibrator head to start.

VMP Series


Power units, drives, and heads (as shown) sold separately



  • Flexible Shaft Electric Vibrator  This internal concrete vibrator system is designed with interchangeable parts to allow application changes without buying a whole new set. Available in 115V and 230V the brush motors are fan cooled and designed with special high speed bearings. Air intake at back of motor keeps away dirt and concrete splash.

VMK Series

Power units, drives, and heads (as shown) sold separately



  • Flexible Shaft Gasoline Vibrator  For very remote areas, this 4-cycle engine is ideal. No mixing of oil with the gas. No tools are needed to quickly connect a flex drive to the engine. Three engine sizes available. Operator can move or bend in any direction The engine runs in any position. A built in kill switch provides extra operator safety.
VMG Series

                      1750 Hand Held        1750 Mini Backpack             2500 Backpack

(Power units, drives, and heads (as shown) sold separately)

External Concrete Vibrators

Description: External concrete vibrators are available in air, electric and hydraulic models. Most operations using higher slump concrete favor pneumatic roller type concrete vibrators.These vibrators offer high frequency, light weight, reliability and low initial cost.



  • Extra Heavy Duty Roller Vibrator - This vibrator type has been the workhorse of the precast concrete industry for decades. High centrifugal force plus high frequency, reliability and low cost make it an excellent choice when precasting bridge beams, wall panels,single and double "T"s, and all kinds of architectural shapes. This vibrator type is also used extensively for tunnel form vibration and cast-in-place wall panels and columns when the forms are designed to accept external vibration.

VRH Series Pricing

Requires cradle lug style bracket for mounting
Click Here for Specification

  • Turbine Vibrator - The turbine vibrator is the next generation air vibrator for the concrete industry. Designed with an unbalanced internal turbine wheel, this vibrator offers lighter weight, no lubrication, quieter operation, and tolerates dirty air. The TCL series uses the industry standard cradle lug bracket for mounting, and the TV-X series uses bolt on mounting.

 TCL Series Pricing

Requires cradle lug style bracket
for mounting



TV-X Series

RECOMMENDATION:  These high frequency air vibrators are reliable, portable and ideal for attachment to forms in the precast concrete and refractory industries. Ask us for recommendations on the size, number, location and mounting of these vibrators.


  • Rotary electric vibrators are 90% more energy efficient than comparable air vibrators and are the quietest vibrator available. Because most electric vibrator models in the 3000 to 4000 vpm frequency range are heavier than comparable air models, electric vibrators are used more on non-portable applications such as vibrating tables.

For portable electric vibrators with reduced weight, see the U1 series vibrator below which produces higher force output because of a higher frequency.

  • 3600 RPM Vibrator
VE3-3600 Series (230-460/3/60) Pricing

Click Here for Specification
VE1-3600 Series (115/1/60)

Click Here for Specification
ICF Series

  • 6000 - 9000 RPM High Frequency Vibrator
Click Here for Specification

  • Portable Concrete Form Brackets - Form brackets use a male and female wedge system to provide a fast, wrench-free way to move a midsize air or electric vibrator between mounts. Brackets are available to accept a piston, roller, turbine, or rotary electric vibrator.
A-05 Series

Vibrator and bracket sold separately.
Piston vibrator shown but also
available with several other vibrator types.


RECOMMENDATION:  The quick mount, male/female wedge bracket makes this combination of bracket and vibrator ideal for smaller precast applications like septic tanks, burial vaults, and small architectural shapes. See the U1 Series vibrator below for a variable speed electric vibrator with a male/female wedge bracket..


This high frequency vibrator forces air out and material down resulting in a stronger, smoother, and denser product.
U1 Series
(Bracket shown above is extra)
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