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Houston Vibrator

Below are the different types of Houston industrial vibrators that we offer. Click on a series below to begin shopping!

Piston Vibrators

Characteristics:Rugged construction, moderate life, linear force output


  • Impacting
  • Quiet Impacting
  • Non-Impacting
  • Timed Impact
  • Extended Piston
  • Linear Piston

Recommendation: Intermittent operation (4 to 8 hours/day) for all models when considering energy usage and life.

Railcar Vibrators

  • Piston Rail Car Shaker

Recommendation:Intermittent or continuous duty unloading most products shipped in closed hopper rail cars. Difficult products may require a vibrator on each side of the rail car discharge pocket(s).

  • Rail Car Shaker Cart

Recommendation:Use when concerned about personnel lifting and extending car shaker into and out of hopper car bracket.

  • High Frequency Dual Roller Railcar Shaker

Vacuum Mount Vibrators

Recommendation:Ideal for a temporary attachment of a vibrator on a fairly smooth surface. The VTC series vacuum mounts use compressed air and a simple venturi built into the vacuum base to create the suction. With the vacuum turned on, the mount is pressed against a hopper wall or a container surface. The suction holds the unit securely to the surface.The same air supply used for the vacuum is also used for the vibrator.

Model VTC 15D vacuum base with model FP-95-M vibrator works well as a rail hopper car vibrator. Smaller units are ideal for hoppers or containers with flat or round sides. Note: check specifications for minimum diameter required for a round container.

Vibrators and mounts are sold separately.