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Medium Roller

Characteristics: Simple, moderate life, moderate noise medium and heavy duty models, high noise extra heavy duty models, easily adjusted

Description: A simple design with one rotating roller in most models. Force outputs are generated at higher frequencies than a comparable ball vibrator. Driven by compressed air, a ring shaped roller rotates inside the vibrator housing. The center line of the roller is slightly offset from the center line of the vibrator housing. This produces a centrifugal force as the roller spins which causes the vibrator to vibrate. On larger sizes, there are two rollers. There are no bearings. The force output is easily adjusted by varying the supply air line pressure.

Recommendation: Intermittent operation (2 to 4 hours/day) when considering energy usage and life.


  • Medium Duty Roller Vibrators - low to medium force output
Vibratek VBR Roller Vibrator (54)
VRA Series
Vibratek VUR Roller Vibrator (55)
VRM Series

VRM Series Accessories

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