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Rotary Turbine Railcar Vibrators

Rotary Turbine Railcar Vibrators

Characteristics: Energy efficient, low noise, lighter weight, No Lubrication Required!

Recommendation: The TCL Turbine Railcar Vibrator series is an excellent choice to reduce noise in the unloading area. Model TCL 6000 Railcar Vibrator empties hopper cars of cement, fertilizers, and other fine material with low noise levels of 85 to 90 dbA.* Impacting piston vibrators or dual roller air vibrators generate 105 to 110 dbA. *


TCL Series

All TCL turbine models use the NASA designed "Terry Turbine" wheel and a recirculation chamber in the housing to substantially improve efficiency. Compared to a comparable dual roller vibrator which requires 64 scfm @ 80 psi, the Model TCL 6000 consumes only 50 scfm @ 80 psi. The combined weight of vibrator and bracket is 53 lbs.

* Exclusive of the secondary noise generated by the railcar.

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