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Timed Impact

Characteristics: Moderate life, rugged construction, linear force output

Description: A steel piston reciprocates in a cylinder housing at high frequencies and impacts on harden end plates. This simulates the blows of a hammer and causes any object attached to the vibrator to vibrate at its natural frequency. Internal porting allows the piston to reciprocate without the need for external valves other than to control air supply. Force output is linear. Frequency and force can be adjusted by varying the air pressure. Although a piston vibrator may be run continuously, piston vibrators are normally used in intermittent operations because of energy usage and vibrator life considerations.

Recommendation: Intermittent operation (4 to 8 hours/day when considering energy usage and life. For continuous duty, use the VFP, VFPL, VLB, or VTL or FAL Piston Vibrator series which are more energy efficient.


  • Timed Impact Piston Vibrators - produces one impact at a time; frequency of impacts is controlled by built-in air timing mechanism; extremely low air consumption; lower noise exposure than continuously impacting piston vibrator.
BV-SI Series

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